First Haul of the Year

For my first post of my brand new blog, I figured I will share my most recent haul.

  • Blu-BiLLioN – Unlimited World (Type A)
  • Dir en grey – The Insulated World (European Version)
  • Initial’L – Initalize (CD+DVD Version)

Unlike most of the time when I have a haul, I was actually able to listen to what I have received when I got them. Then again, I didn’t get over 10 CDs at once like I usually do.

The Dir en grey album wasn’t that bad, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. However, I’m basing this off of the last Dir en grey album I heard by them, Dum Spiro Spero. I never did get around listening to or getting a copy of Arche, so I can’t compare if TIW is a better album.

I’ve been a long time Lycaon fan that I’m punishing myself each time I buy a release by Initial’L. I didn’t really care much for this album and thought it was worse than their previous album, Firefly. I’m probably going to be passing on their next release.

For the last item of this haul, Blu-BiLLioN’s Unlimited World, was a pretty good release. As I did get the version with the PV, I cannot tell you if the extra track is good or not.

Like all Resistar Records releases I’ve gotten in the past three years, Unlimited World came with an alternative/bonus cover. My copy came with Mag’s cover. Usually for Blu-BiLLioN, I always get the group alternative cover, so I was greatly pleased with this change.